We are a tribe of like-minded people from all over the world, a collective of misfits, artists, dj/producers and designers sharing a common vision.
We are Salvation Messengers, and here’s some of us:

Fabio Genito (Founder & Designer), Hector Romero, Chus, Matthias Tanzmann, Philipp Straub, Michel Cleis, Dino MFU, Eli Rojas, Blanca Ross, 
Marien Baker, Tini Gessler, Megablast, Flavio Vecchi, Alex Medina, Be.LaNuit, Feather Hed, Jon Lemmon, Xenaa, 
No Parachute (Livia Andrei & Valentin Ilie), Daniele Mad
and we will announce more soon…

Because, after all, we all need SALVATION.

Do you want to join our tribe? Drop us an email to talent@salvati0nx.com