“The inner capsule represents our safety, which is vision, Universal Beauty, music, arts and love. Capsule shape is a helmet, the one we wear all days against all and all viruses. Outside is full of lighting tempting spikes, like that virus seen at microscope.
The Messengers on sides represent the power of human protection and the future, which we firmly believe is a new Renaissance in a safe new land, a mesmerizing immersive experience redefining virtual and physical entertainment, with humankind back in the center of its own world and responsible of its own Salvation.
It’s all in our hands, it’s all love, creativity and new attitudes.”
Fabio Genito (SALVATION founder & designer)

We are proud to present you the world’s first immersive Metaverse by Fabio Genito in the Multiverse and official virtual Burning Man soundcamp with the best dj’s in the world, a self sufficient interactive immersive reality experience land, stage and community in the Multiverse, the original Multiverse designed by Clipo Labs in Silicon Valley, already known for producing the largest virtual events in arts & music history such as Virtual Burning Man, and for creating IIR – Interactive Immersive Reality technology, the ultimate tool completely redefining modern entertainment from large events, interactive broadcasting & live streaming to physical & virtual concerts, festivals, dj’s, clubs, fashion shows & design , NFTs, architecture & design, art galleries, museums, automotive, shopping, immersive social networking and large live gatherings of any kind (from 1 up to 1million+ concurrent users and 3D avatars).

As seen on Forbes, NY Times, Tech Crunch, Wall Street Journal, DJ Mag, La Stampa, Mixmag, Burning Man journal, etc.

Launched August 2021 featuring some of the best dj’s in the world of electronic music and also new talents such as Hector Romero, Matthias Tanzmann, Chus, Michel Cleis, Philipp Straub, Fabio Genito, Dino MFU, Eli Rojas, Marien Baker, Tini Gessler, Blanca Ross, Alex Medina, Megablast, Be.Lanuit, No Parachute, Feather Hed, Horatio, Daniele Mad and more,
Salvation is also an official Virtual Burning Man 2021 Experience.

Download / update your “Multiverse-IIR” free app for iOS (App Store) / Android (Google Play) or Oculus, setup your 3D avatar, and enter SALVATION by scrolling below right after Accenture’s Creative Series.

Come enjoy the best dj’s and live events in the world, participate, talk, chat and hang with your friends with voice-chat, socialize and make new ones, dance and experiment the amazing social revolutionary technology we designed for you, way before any Metaverse…

A new Renaissance in the Multiverse…
Welcome to SALVATION!

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Visit: https://entermultiverse.io